FPDI Robotics Program

In 2015 FPDI envisioned the need to promote IT related careers to First Nations youth. With funding from Indigenous Services Canada, the Robotics Program has turned into a 6 year highly sought after program that has employed 26 Indigenous Youth Instructors. Since 2015 we have successfully delivered training to over 1,200 youth participants from 93 communities.

The workshops are facilitated by the FPDI Youth Instructors. Each workshop is two weeks long delivered in community or in various cities. The participants are introduced to STEM concepts and basic coding utilizing the Lego EV3 Mindstorm Robot kit. The workshop is augmented with a customized two-day drone workshop, where participants learn about drones, their many uses and career possibilities. During the two weeks, participants experience self directed learning, team building, communication, problem solving, creative expression, and learning through play. The program ends with the participants building a sumo battling robot using what they learned during the two weeks. This is a friendly competition with generous mutual recognition.


Youth Trained


Passion for technology

Gaming Experience

Program Details

  • Introduction to programming and coding
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Introduction to STEM concepts
  • Frontier School Division provides ½ a credit for the workshop
  • Drone flight operations, videography, flying techniques, programming flight plans, demonstrations
  • All participants receive a certificate after completion

Career Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for jobs using Robotics; Information Technology, web development, programming, engineering, designing, and many other areas.

Drones is an exciting field that is quickly becoming a widely used tool in search & rescue, equipment & infrastructure inspection, shipping and delivery, filming and journalism including elevation mapping of terrain. The knowledge of programming and flying drones opens up a plethora of opportunities.


“I really enjoy working with the kids, seeing the expressions on their face. I understand how they feel as it is the same as how I felt when I learned to program. Everything these days is more technology so I felt the need to get to know programming as there are going to be more jobs out there that involve programming.”

“I had a lot of fun learning how to fly the Tello drone and learning scratch programming”

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FPDI began a Robotics training program in 2016. FPDI hosted a two-day “Robotics Youth Forum” in Winnipeg to bring together participants from past training session with First Nation youth in Winnipeg.

First Nation Youth from Northern communities mentored and supported Winnipeg Youth and introduced them to the world of Robotics. The Winnipeg Youth were introduced to the STEM concepts by learning through play at this two-day event.

It was a great team building and networking workshop for Manitoba Youth!