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First Peoples Development Inc.

Facilitating partnerships to develop and deliver training to employment programs.

Incorporated in 2006, FPDI is a non-profit organization that facilitates partnerships designed to develop and deliver training-to-employment programs to meet labor market needs internal and external to twenty-eight Manitoba First Nation communities.

One of the programs administered by FPDI is the ISET program. FPDI has legal agreements with twenty-eight First Nations; referred to as Sub-Agreement Holders (SAH). The ISET program offers a variety of training based on the needs and priorities identified by the SAH’s and FPDI. There are also wrap-around services such as child care supports to mitigate barriers to training.

FPDI administers other programs and initiatives such as a Robotics and Drone programs for youth and the ILMI Survey pilot.

Our Core Values


An innovative approach towards co-developing and designing programs with partnering organizations, that match the training needs of individuals to labour market demands. 


FPDI facilitates partnerships with industry, businesses, government, employers and educational institutions to develop programs that benefit FPDI and SAH communities through investment in people and social responsibility.

Client Centred

In keeping with the ISET program, FPDI ensures that all learners can access programs and services, which include: skills development, training for high-demand jobs, job finding, programs for youth, programs for urban and indigenous people with disabilities and access to child care.

Support & Training

FPDI commits to building capacity and providing ongoing training and support to the SAH communities. 


Operating under a funding agreement with ESDC, FPDI has a well-developed accountability and resource management reporting system. FPDI received an “Optimal Capacity” rating from ESDC indicating it has the capacity and expertise with program funding to successfully deliver the ISET program and accurately measure and report on successes.