Construction Electrician Pre-Employment Program

FPDI partnered with IBEW Local 2085 in January 2020 to deliver the Construction Electrician Pre-employment Program. This exciting trade will always be in demand as our society increases its reliance on basic electrical infrastructure to support home, business and industrial growth.

A construction electrician plans, assembles, installs, repairs, tests and maintains electrical fixtures and systems that provide heat, light, power or control in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. If you are interested in this trade, like precision work plus have a solid background in Mathematics, then you should consider taking this program. The theoretical core program contents have a huge Math component and to ensure successful completions we worked together with our partnering organization to offer a 5-week Math course prior to the start of the program.


of Graduates Employed


Grade 12

Applied Math 40S, Physics 40S or Pre-Calculus 40S

Program Details

  • 9-month program
  • 1211 hours in length
  • 244 hours of classroom theory and field education
  • Necessary certifications in First aid & CPR, Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
  • Level One Electrician Accreditation with credit of 900 hours

Career Opportunities

This career is in demand and offers good wages.  There are numerous opportunities in this sector throughout Manitoba, Canada and other countries.

As you continue to pursue your apprenticeship career in this field, you can move on to positions such as Project Manager, Foreman, Inspector, Field Supervisor, Estimator, Instructor, etc.


“A lot of people are happy for me that I am becoming an electrician because they do need more electricians in our communities.  I do believe that I give a little bit of hope to women and it can be done.”-Sandy Murdock