to First Peoples Development Inc. (FPDI)

FPDI is governed by a Board of Directors that is elected from the 34 member First Nations; each known as a “Sub-Agreement Holder” and FPDI is known as the “Primary Agreement Holder”.


The articles of incorporation of FPDI support the principle of grassroots or local decision-making while promoting, advocating and addressing the needs of First Nations through their local boards.


FPDI supports their member First Nations

(Sub-Agreement Holders – SAHs) by achieving greater success in employment and training initiatives through:


Our new online training video section is design to help all our SAH communities with their reporting requirements and online service tools like the ARMS "Accountability & Resource Management System."

1.  Identifying Labour Market Opportunities

2.  Building Capacity & Facilitating Development

3.  Creating Partnerships with Industry & Educators

4.  Ensuring Fiscal Accountability

For training and employment services, please reference our Community Contact Page to contact your local First Nation Employment and Training Coordinator

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The Industry Advisor Committee (IAC) advises FPDI and SAHs on current and future employment and training needs.  The IAC will serve as a resource and a sounding board for career, training, and employment information through FPDI.

A continued success: According to recent statistics from the Information and Communications Technology Association of Manitoba, a computer science major can earn up to 40% more than the college graduate average, with Canada needing some 182,000 people to fill positions in the I.T industry by year 2019.


WIth a youthful and growing Aboriginal population in Manitoba, it only makes sense to train our greatest untapped resource for the knowledge of tomorrow...

Robotics Program