Contribution Agreements between FPDI and each Sub-Agreement Holder “SAH” set out the terms and conditions upon which SAH will receive funding and deliver training pursuant to the Indigenous Skill Employment and Training Strategy “ISETS”. Each agreement includes funding guidelines that outline the accountability structures. These accountabilities must be met in order for FPDI to trigger funding from its funding partner.


Operating policies and funding review procedures are in place for each of the processes outlined below.



Sets out the terms and conditions upon which SAH will receive funding and deliver training pursuant to the ISETS.

SAH must submit annual operating plans “AOP”.

Annual objectives and projected outcomes are identified. Annual program plans are developed for each individual training activity and are accompanied by targets. Overall summary budget consolidates

program plans as well as administrative

and other training related costs.

AOP plans may need to be amended as circumstances in SAH communities change, and as the Initiative evolves along with the planning and implementation of the ISETS.


All amendments to the AOP will be reported to FPDI. Substantive changes require approval for funding prior to the delivery of training and the changes required a revised AOP.


Other minor changes can be captured in monthly/quarterly reports.

Funding is disbursed monthly based on cash flows developed

as part of the annual planning process.


Each sub-agreement holder must provide the required activity and financial reports on the prescribed schedule. These individual reports are rolled up into a single report and forwarded to the Funder by FPDI.


Once the funder reviews and accepts the report, funding is released by Funder to FPDI and then FPDI to the SAH


(Note: only actual expenditures reported are reimbursed. The

advance will be less surplus from the previous month).

The Contribution Agreement outlines specific audit criteria developed for the ISETS by Funders. FPDI integrates all of the SAH audits into one consolidated audit.


This integrated audit is forwarded to funder. The funder then processes payment to FPDI. Delays in receiving SAH audits will result in funding delays for the next

training cycle for all of the SAH.


of Initiative




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