Material List

(Left to Right)



-Posters of Months of the Year, Colors, Double Vowel System and Animals in Ojibway



-Simon and Shuster CD set of Basic Introduction to Ojibway Language



-Spirit of Learning Introductory Level

-Posters of Househols Items, Traditional Foods, Seasons and Family in Ojibway

-Grandmother and Grandfather CD

-Interactive Books (Why do we use the Drum? What is a Sweat Lodge? What are the Seven Teachings? What is a Medicine Wheel? What is a Talking Stick? What is a Sharing Circle? What is a Feast? What is a Dream Catcher? What is a  Pow Wow? What is Smudging?



For more information                     please contact:


FPDI Daycare Coordinator

First Peoples Development Inc.

T: 204.987.9570 ext. 579

F: 204.987.9589