The role of the Industry Advisory Commitee (IAC) is to advise, support and make recommendations to FPDI in the area of employment demand and opportunities.


The Committee will provide an ongoing exchange of information, ideas and feedback between industry and FPDI to update, promote, assess and advise on the following:


1. Existing and future employment opportunities, industry trends and employer needs

2. Identify the needs and knowledge FPDI and SAH clients require to meet industry needs

3. Suggest revisions to industry curricula and curriculum quality

4. Utilize industry intelligence to assist in improving the quality and effectiveness of SAH programs, ensuring they    match to industry standards

5. Recommend and assist in securing resource personnel and guest speakers for programs

6. Support development of new initiatives and solutions

7. Assist in identifying employment placements

8. Support FPDI with events and promotional programs as appropriate

9. Assist with liaison between FPDI, industry sectors and educational stakeholders

10. Commit and partner to develop a Pilot training project to train individuals in an in-demand sector

11. Fund a part-time position to research SAH training and employment data; IAC can request data surveys to determine community needs and suggest methods for securing, collecting and interpreting the data

12. Assist with the development and review of grants


Advisory Committee members are key players in the future success of First Nation students, graduates and FPDI. In guiding the development of the FPDI programs, IAC members will assist and ensure graduates are well-prepared experts to bein their careers and contribute to their sector. IAC members will gain access to a large demographic labour pool for their companies, and guide the development of potential employees in training.



"The Industry Advisory Committee will build capacity for"

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