The Skills Development Program – Regular and Apprentice is a defined as a program of instruction that is designed to enhance one or more skills to a level required by the specific job or occupation a client is seeking. Interventions related to pre-apprenticeship training or apprenticeship technical training in a designated trade fall under this program definition. This program provides direct financial assistance to individuals to select, arrange and pay for training.


Investments in occupational skills for clients through formal training are categorized according to the level and/or type of certification earned by the client. It is the responsibility of the counselor/case manager to be able to distinguish between the various types of training interventions in order to categorize any particular intervention.


Generally, formal training is delivered by public and private universities, colleges, institutes and schools that are created and/or recognized by their respective province or territory.

If you're caring, compassionate and respectful to people of all ages and cultures, then you'll enjoy a career as a health care aide.



Below are just a few examples of Labour Market Programming within the First Nation communities we assist in sponsering.


This Financial Funded Program is individualized at the local community level. If you are interested in such programming, please see your community contact or training and employment coordinator within your community. Click here to go to your community.

Gain the skills you need to excel in a fulfilling and creative hands-on career in commercial and residential construction.

Program focuses on relevant computer courses for a current business environment. In addition, you study introductory accounting, mathematics and communication skills.

Program prepares students for a career as a Family Services Worker, with a special focus on providing services to children and families living in First Nation communities.


Provides graduates with the knowledge and skills required for entry-level management positions in business, industry and public administration, as well as preparing them to be small business entrepreneurs.


Neeginan College of Applied Technology is CAHRD’s in-house technical and vocational post-secondary training division.

A certified Welder has the knowledge, ability and skills required to layout, cut, prepare, repair, install and join metals of various compositions using a variety of welding equipment.

Master the skills that encompass the director's roles and responsibilities as the leader, manager and administrator of an early childhood setting.

This 40-week program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills in Culinary Arts and prepare the students for employment in this field.

The nine days of training will be held during the spring break-up in early June and will give workers a chance to take regulatory required courses in Brandon rather than travelling to Estevan or Calgary.

Students will learn security guard course material via online text material, video content and online quizzes to test understanding of concepts.

Program prepares students for a career as a Family Services Worker, with a special focus on providing services to children and families living in First Nation communities.


You will develop the knowledge and skills required to disassemble, inspect, machine, calibrate and reassemble motor vehicle units and components.

Basic working knowledge of all areas of metal working and spray painting. You will develop the skills and knowledge to repair damaged vehicles, including all phases of autobody repair and painting.

Knowledge of woodworking machines, blueprint reading and sketching, safe working practices and a familiarity with the materials and procedures needed to enter related occupations.

Skills you need for employment in the construction industry, public utilities, motor repair facilities, or manufacturers and distributors of electrical equipment.

Basic knowledge and skills you need to perform routine maintenance and repairs to vehicle systems and components.

This program provides you with the skills and knowledge required for entry-level employment in the outdoor gasoline-powered equipment repair field.

This program develops the knowledge and skills you need to install and repair piping systems in residential and commercial buildings.

Knowledge of manufacturing processes including conventional machining and metal forming operations, composites, and advanced manufacturing methods.

Refrigeration and air conditioning technicians or mechanics install, repair, service, and design residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC/R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration) equipment.

If you are a SAH and require more information pertaining to the program, please contact your FPDI Program Officer.


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