The Job Creation Partnerships Program supports community-oriented projects that provide work experience to participants and improve their chances of finding long-term employment. This Program is a financial assistance program that seeks to enable unemployed persons to gain work experience by creating temporary jobs.


Project activities should benefit both the participant and the community and must therefore be limited to partnerships with public sector and non-profit employers; no private companies. This will also improve the client’s long-term employment prospects.


Community Maintenance Project – May 2013 to October 2013


A community maintenance project will begin in May 2013 and continue for 23 weeks until October 2013. The purpose of the project is to provide employment for social assistance and EI reach back clients as well as conducting community cleanup, assisting elders and disable members in yard clean up and towards the end of the project, the clients will cut wood for members of the community.


In partnership with social development, some of the employees will be either on WOP or ASARET. Other employees may have been EI reach back clients.


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